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      Lightweight CPT System

      The light & compact HYSON 100 kN-LW (Light Weight) static cone penetrometer with 10 ton pushing force is designed to perform in-situ geotechnical soil investigations at locations inaccessible to other equipment, such as basements, back yards, swampy and overgrown land. Its main features are: low weight (only 85 kg) due to unique single cylinder design, small footprint (165 x 310 mm without anchors), versatility and reliability. This results in an easy-to-move and easy-to-operate CPT unit.
      In order to provide the reaction forces while testing, four rugged soil anchors (footprint is 800 x 800 mm) are provided. Anchors can be set manually or much more easily using the HYGAND, a hydraulic anchor setting device driven by the hydraulic power pack.
      The stand-alone hydraulic power pack  has a 1 cylinder petrol engine and weighs 77 kg (oil included).