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      CPT SKID

      The CPT SKID is a versatile, low-budget and easy-to-transport package suitable for both onshore and near-shore soil investigations. It can be mounted on a frame, vehicle or jack-up platform. The high-performance, low maintenance, reliable HYSON 200 kN twin-cylinder penetrometer with control unit and power pack is included.

      For easy integration in various setups, customers have the following choices:

      • a 1 cylinder Power Pack that offers enough power for the HYSON 200 kN to do its work or a 2 cylinder Power Pack with extra hydraulic capacity for additional options.
      • a basic, advanced or professional control unit. The professional control unit consists of a PLC that operates all functions of the CPT SKID and provides a convenient operator interface.
      • the low-cost pulling and catching ball clamps or the hydraulic clamps that make it possible to switch between different tube sizes without exchanging parts.