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      For over 45 years A.P. van den Berg has achieved its objectives by short and long term partnerships with research institutions and universities. As one of the first in its market A.P. van den Berg can implement, test and optimize new Cone Penetration Test (CPT) developments. This results in high-quality equipment which is 100% finished and ready for use. Currently, A.P. van den Berg has a partnership with:

      Norwegian Geotechnical Institute

      Norwegian Geotechnical Institute 
      P.O.Box 3930  
      Ullevål Stadion
      N-0806 OSLO
      Tel: +47 220 23000
      Email: ngi@ngi.no
      Website: http://www.ngi.no/en/

      Keppel Fels

      Keppel FELS OTD Pte Ltd
      55 Gul Road
      629353 SINGAPORE
      Tel: +65 6863 7200
      Email: marketing@keppelfels.com
      Website: http://www.keppelfels.com